Old-Established Restaurant Kappo Kiyokawa / Original Cuisine Gakutei PO 849-1311 3590, Oaza Takatsuhara, Kashima city, Saga
Please enjoy our dishes bringing out the original tastes of seasonal ingredients. Our traditional cuisine will surely please you.
Please use us for a wide variety of occasions, from life events such as weddings and Buddhist memorial services to dining with your friends.

Kappo Kiyokawa

Kiyokawa offers wholehearted service at our classical hall that can hold a maximum of 240 guests.
We serve you at various occasions including auspicious events, wedding receptions, Buddhist memorial service, class reunions, and to entertain your clients.

Original Cuisine Gakutei

Gakutei offers various kinds of menu, from lunch dishes of the day to Kaiseki, traditional Japanese meals. Especially “Gakutei-zen” and “Shunsai-zen”, special original courses changing every month , are popular among a wide range of guests.


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