Old-Established Restaurant Kappo Kiyokawa / Original Cuisine Gakutei PO 849-1311 3590, Oaza Takatsuhara, Kashima city, Saga

Auspicious Events, Buddhist Events

Information for auspicious events

- For an auspicious meeting -

We offer a wonderful moment for various auspicious occasions for you and your family and friends, with delicious dishes using carefully-selected ingredients, for example to celebrate the growth of a child such as Okuizome (ceremony to celebrate baby’s first eating), The Seven-Five-Three Festival (ceremony for girls aged 3 and 7 and boys aged 5), and school entrance celebration, or to celebrate longevity such as Kanreki (61st birthday), Kijyu (77th birthday), Beiju (88th birthday), or any other auspicious occasion including a prewedding get-together, Yuino (engagement ceremony), and entrance into a company celebration.

Information for Buddhist memorial services

-For a memorial service for a deceased person-

We are pleased to offer reliable services and meals for a wide generation of the guests. The relatives and related people to the deceased person can feel at ease at the memorial meeting.
Sitting chairs with short legs are also available that put less pressure on the knees so that senior people can comfortably relax.

Information for class reunions and to entertain your clients

Please use us for meetings with someone important, such as class reunions and to entertain clients.
We have various rooms available suited to the number of the guests, and serve dishes with an abundance of seasonal ingredients along with requests of the organizer of the meeting.